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Your support and donations allow us to continue this incredibly important work that profoundly benefits and enriches our community. In the midst of so much ongoing anti-Indigenous violence and disrespect, we were and are so grateful to those who provided funds, food, firewood, ice, supplies, medicines, trees, time, and presence at rallies, on petitions, and when needed on site. Your donations grant us the ability to safely and properly host and provide honorariums to elders, knowledge keepers, and program facilitators. In the circumstance where no person, government, and/or institution offers to return land, we will allocate funds raised towards purchasing back territory. We are deeply grateful for the generosity of this community. We are in this together.


Nià:wen, Miigwetch

We get asked a lot, "How can I help?" While well-intentioned, sometimes answering the same question over and over gets tiring. So here are some ways to help out!

  • Monetary donations

  • Calls through social media

    • Letter campaigns

    • Material donations

    • Rallies

    • Events

  • Following and sharing on social media

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