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O:se Kenhionhata:tie
A red handprint on a painted green background



A group of people sitiing in front of a tipi.
A small group of people in the dark aaround a fire.
Cement circle surounded by rocks reading Land Back 2020
Someone ainting a sign reading respect tthe treaties
  • June 20: Tipi is raised for the first time in an evening of pouring rain.

    June 21: Day 1 National Indigenous Peoples Day 

    June 25: The Sacred Fire was officially lit 

    July 1: Day of Mourning (Cancel Canada Day)

    August 6: Land Back Rally in Waterloo Square

    August 24: Kitchener and Waterloo City council meeting. Fees are waived!

    September 8: City staff and O:se lunch

    September 24: “Land Back the Movie” premiere gathering

    September 26: Social Distance Pow Wow

    September 28: Day 100

    October 19: Committee meeting demand 3/4 motion passed

    October 20: Move to Waterloo Park

    December 18: Tipi take down

Willow River Park / Waterloo Park


  • May 5: Tents erected at Laurel Creek

    June 3: 215 Vigil

    June 4: Tipi raising, drum circle, and movie screening

    June 21: National Indigenous Peoples Day Celebration/Vigil

    July  31: Two-Spirit Gathering

    August 26: 'Stories from Land Back Camp' movie screening with 'Beans' at Apollo cinema

    August 31: Second showing of 'Stories from Land Back Camp' and 'Beans' at Apollo cinema

    September 4:  Feast and drumming, tipi take down

    September 30: Day of Truth and Reconciliation vigil and drum circle

    October 15: Drum circle at first Land Back site in Victoria Park

Parent and child drumming in front of water
Sign stating space is used by O:se Kenhionhata:tie

Laurel Creek

A childs hands reading Land Back in pen
Circle of drums around a fire as people talk and laugh around it


Although no permanence was found, drum circles and gatherings continued in Willow River Park over the year.

Willow River Park


Group of people sitting inside smiling
Window with the words Willow River Centre
Someone singing as people mingle round tables
Tables lined up with items as people mingle and buy
  • June-September: Tionhekwen garden at Schneider Haus 

    September 1: Keys to Willow River Centre are acquired

    October 7: Willow River Centre Open House

    November 19: First community Drum Circle at Willow River Crentre

    December 2: Mini Merry Market

    December 6: First Two-Spirit Circle at Willow River Centre

    December 20: Winter Solstice Feast

Willow River Centre


Present Day

O:se Kenhionhata:tie currently runs programming at Willow River Centre at 243 King St E for Indigenous community members and friends to come together and learn from one another, have good conversation, make connections, and foster community growth.

Two people drumming
Poster for a market at Willow River Centre Feb3
Images on a gallery wallwith thee title Resistance.
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