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O:se Kenhionhata:tie
A child planting a small pepper plant., bare foot in the garden.

Other Projects


Tionnhekwen is the Kenien’keha (Haudenosaunee) word for Sustenance. It is an ongoing sustainability and food sovereignty project that has been in many locations since 2020. With every new season comes new growth and opportunity to learn, share and connect with each other and the land.

From the many donated seeds and plants, the food from this project goes back to community members in need, through individuals reaching out, or donations to the community fridges. We hope this project will grow and flourish ever stronger over the coming years.


There have been many types of community gatherings hosted by O:se Kenhionhata:tie since 2020, including traditional tattoos, full moon ceremonies, Elders' teachings, medicine walks, and more.


Recollections and Imaginings


In partnership with KW Famous, these shirts were a limited run fundraiser.

Tipi Mural

  • The water that provides us life.

    This represents the Grand River.

  • These are creatures that rely on the water and provide us with food.

  • Where water meets land creates growth and furthers life.

  •  Heart berries, a medicine to many nations as well as providing nutrition to the people that rely on the land.

  •  Creatures that share the land and sky, connecting both.

  • The Sky Realm where our ancestors rest and provide guidance.

  • Grandfather Sun facing the east above the door.

  • Grandmother moon facing west as we sleep.

  • Represents our home on Turtle island.

  • Though not all nations use the medicine wheel it is a representation of all the people that share this world with us, as well as the circle of life. The handprints are the hands of many that were in the camp as well as those that supported us.

Under the guidance of Pamela Rojas, a group of youth involved with O:se Kenhionhata:tie met to discuss, design and paint the tipi that stood in Willow River Park (Victoria Park) in 2020 and beyond.

The Design was based on a Ribbon skirt, each section representing something significant to the youth.

'Respect Our Sacred Space' Zine

A small self-published magazine that was created by members of Land Back Camp in 2020.

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