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O:se Kenhionhata:tie
Hands holding drums around a fire

O:se Kenhionhata:tie

A orange floral tipi logo with he words Land Back Camp.


O:se Kenhionhata:tie (Kenien'keha)

Willow River

Land Back Camp

We are a group of Two-Spirit, IndigiQueer, Queer/Trans, LGBTQIAP+  Indigenous people and settler accomplices gathering in the Great Peace to celebrate, learn and thrive in our cultures. We represent several Nations living together within both Dish With One Spoon and Two Row Wampums.

O:se Kenhionhata:tie has expanded far beyond its humble roots and grown to include many projects of varied scope.

Willow River Centre

Willow River Centre building from the street

Willow River Centre is an open community space for Indigenous and Racialized, Two-Spirit and LGBTQ+ youth and grassroots members. People are welcome to drop in during open hours of Tuesday to Friday from 9am-3pm, barring other scheduled events or ceremonies. The centre holds events such as Elders visits, community feasts, arts markets, galleries, workshops and much more. Community members are welcome to book the space as long as they align with the values of anti-racism and queer positivity.

Drop-in Hours

Tuesday to Friday 9am - 3pm

Other Projects

O:se Kenhionhata:tie and those involved with it have been a part of many projects over the years. There have been many gatherings in ceremony and as friends, there have been films shared, a tipi mural painting, a zine, Elders have visited, there have been markets, food sovereignty gardens, and much more. The skills and talents of so many have come together to elevate the voices of Indigenous individuals, youth, Two-Spirit LGBTQIA+ and community in the hopes of bringing about change and growth in the region.

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